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Important Update: We're gradually reintroducing coached training!

If you're a current member you can now renew your 2020/21 membership. This will allow you to sign up to our sessions. Keep up to date via the Newsletter and Facebook Group!

In addition to renewing membership, you must agree with the AVTC Return to Training Policy - please read this carefully when you're deciding to sign up to coached sessions.

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The Club's training schedule will be limited in the coming weeks and possibly months. We hope to offer more training sessions available soon! If you're new, it's best to drop us a line first so we know to look out for you - Neil at

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Sessions details

Need help finding us? Check out location details and maps.


Running club

Monday running club is a great chance to develop your endurance and set your own weekly targets. Join us at 6.50 for a group warm-up then, if pace-matching allows, run together on the 10k or 5k route. Sometimes you may have to run on your own, but there will always be someone to cool down with you at the end. Whilst this is a non-coached session, lots of members say it helps them to keep-up their running and improves their stamina and speed.





Open-water swimming

In the summer months, Queensford lake at Berinsfield is open on a Monday evening so running club takes a break as many members like to go for a swim instead.


Track running

This is one of the most effective way to improve your run speed and technique. The session is suitable for all abilities so if you have not been to the track before, come along and quash those apprehensions - you will work hard, you will improve your running and you will have fun! Dress appropriately for the weather, with the track sessions layers are best as you will warm up. Also bring along a drink and a method of timing yourself if you have it.



Indoor spin

Please bring a drink and a towel and meet in the reception area 5 minutes before.
Always a fun session, using indoor spin bikes. The pedals on the spin bikes a suitable for trainers or are compatible with Shimano SPD system (mountain bike cleat).



Run intervals

Intervals are a very effective way of improving your run speed, this is a fun session using areas of the park for a run session that is suitable for all abilities. Bring along a drink and dress appropriately for the weather.


Circuit training

This is a fun and challenging session, open to all levels of ability and fitness. Circuits is as hard as you push yourself but with motivation from others and the coach. It will consist of strength, cardio and functional exercises that will complement our 3 sports. Bring a drink and be prepared for some tough fun.


Bike session

A chance for you to ride on the airfield, see if you have improved your time from last time. Bring suitable clothing and a drink - the airfield is open to the elements.



These are great sessions to prepare for a triathlon, working on fitness, transitions and practising switching between disciplines without a break. The sessions are timed so you can gauge improvement through the summer. It starts with a run around the top part of the airfield, either a 3km or 5km loop, before you enter transition. You then switch kit and exit transition to bike around the southern 2/3 of the loop, 3.3km loops, typically completing 3 or 6 loops (10km or 20km), then re-entering transition, to change back for a run straight off the bike. For the session you need your run kit, and all your bike kit. Ideally a tri suit or shorts, or a combo of clothing you can switch without needing a changing room. Don't forget to bring a drink



Pool swim
£3 payable to coaching staff on poolside, do not pay at reception. Please come along to either the session at 7pm or 8pm, whichever suits you better for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique.If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc.and a drink.

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