Covid-safe training

During the Covid-19 pandemic, and always, AVTC is committed to keeping its member safe during training sessions. In order to do this, and following British Triathlon and the UK government guidance, the coaches have put together a plan for training with Covid-safe measures in place including the following measures:

  • In-person training will have places limited and you MUST book a place in advance (before 1pm on the day of the session) to attend

  • You must continue to observe social distancing at all sessions. Please consider where you will put your water bottle and kit and be mindful of social distancing during rest breaks

  • Please carry out a Covid symptom check before attending any session.

  • Do not attend if you have been told to self-isolate, even if you have no symptoms.

  • Do not attend if you have been told to shield.

  • Your coach will have a first aid kit and for all minor injuries you will be talked through using the kit yourself to ensure we maintain social distancing.

  • Please do not share equipment with other athletes or help the coach with cones etc.

  • The coach will carry out a safety briefing before the session starts to comply with BTF regulations.

You can view more details of the guidelines here: