Training w/c 11 May 2015

Hi all

Tuesday - 19:00hrs - Run Bike Run / Cycle Time Trial / Junior Run Bike Run - Milton Park Stores, OX14 4RS IT IS LIKELY THAT DUE TO LIGHT CONDITIONS THAT TUESDAY MAY BE A CHOICE BIKE & RUN OR TIME TRIAL. (Missing out Run leg 1 due to fading light of early season) Come along for a real blast of exciting training that is guaranteed to improve your biking, running and Transition speed. Senior members will be a 3.75km run / 17.5km bike / 3.75km run. Junior members will be a 3.75km / 5km or 10km (1 or 2 loops) bike / 3.75km run. There will also be the option for you to do the Bike Loop as a Cycle time trial. We will run this session on a handicap basis; this will be an attempt to get everyone finishing at roughly the same time. During the year we will keep a record and there may be some prizes available at the end of the season. Best attendance / Most improved / Series winner. Please follow the links below for the route Maps, make yourself familiar with the routes. Bike Loop - Run Loop - Junior Bike Loop - Junior / Novice Run - For the session you will need to bring: Bike (preferably with rear light), Helmet, Bike shoes (if you use), running shoes, drink and any other equipment you may use during a race.

Thursday - 19:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00hrs - Pool Swim - Abingdon White Horse Leisure centre, OX14 3PJ £3 payable to coaching staff on poolside (do not pay at reception) Please come along to your usual session for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique. If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc. Also bring a drink.

Saturday - 09:00 Park Run Abingdon or Didcot.

Come and have a blast at one of the local parkruns organised at Abingdon or Didcot. They are free to enter, all you need to do is pre-register and take the barcode with you to get a time at the end.

Club members are always present at these events and they are an excellent (and free) way to assess your ability - no-one is too slow for a park run.

That's it for this week, if you have any questions then please ask and see you all in the week.


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