Newsletter April 3rd 2017

Welcome to this weeks newsletter

The season is well and truly underway! Well done to everyone competing and supporting this weekend at Bicester. With this in mind, we will be spending our Tuesday evening sessions at Dalton Barracks throughput Spring. See below for more information.

Also, if you would like to make some contributions to the letter, then please feel free to send any content you would like adding, or suggestions for future editions to and we will include it in the next update.

The Committee

Dalton Barracks

Spring has sprung and the new seasons sessions are upon us. We shall shortly be meeting at Dalton Barracks again – hurrah I hear you all cry.

Alongside the Run/Bike/Run sessions we will be delivering beginners/refresher sessions. Here’s a sneak preview of what we (The Coaches) have planned for you.

Tues 4 Apr – Puncture repair session + run/bike/run

Please bring your bike, a couple of spare tubes, a method of inflation & dress appropriately, it can be windy at Dalton.

Tues 18 Apr – Beginner Skills + run/bike/run, skills will be decided on prior to the session and based on what you ask for – what would you like? Let us know.

Tues 2 May – Beginners Skills + run/bike/run – as above

Tues 16 May – Beginners Skills + run/bike/run – as above

We will be looking for members to volunteer to assist the coaches on these nights. To allow the coaches to give 100% to the skills we would love it (luvin it, Luvin it, luvin it) if a delightful member would keep an eye on the rascals run/bike/running. Make sure everyone is still upright, cheer and encourage and maybe operate a stopwatch. If you would be happy to volunteer please let one of the coaches know.

Thanks The Coaches


Monday - 19.00 - Run Social - Tilsley Park, meet at reception.

*****new shorter routes are available for those people who want to run for less than 5km, so if you're wanting to get back into running after a break, come along!**

Whilst this is not a coached session, it will help develop your running endurance - we take a 10km (ish) route around Abingdon (shorter routes are available) and run in ability groups. No-one will be left behind and there is ALWAYS someone to run with. A great way to keep your running up AND have a mini social at the same time. Win win.

Tuesday - 19:00hrs - Run Bike Run / Cycle Time Trial / Puncture Repair Session - Dalton Barracks, OX13 6JB

Come along for a real blast of exciting training that is guaranteed to improve your biking, running and Transition speed.

There will also be the option for you to do the Bike Loop as a Cycle time trial.

During the year we will keep a record and there may be some prizes available at the end of the season. Best attendance / Most improved / Series winner.

For the session you will need to bring: Bike (preferably with rear light), Helmet, Bike shoes (if you use), running shoes, drink and any other equipment you may use during a race.

For the puncture repair session please bring: Bike, spare tubes and a pump.

Thursday - 19:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00hrs - Pool Swim - Abingdon White Horse Leisure Centre, OX14 3PJ *7pm swimmers, please make sure that you are IN the water at 7 ready to start and out at 8pm for the 8pm swimmers to get straight in.

£3 payable to coaching staff on poolside (do not pay at reception)

Please come along to either the session at 7pm or 8pm, whichever suits you better for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique.

If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc.and a drink.

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