Abingdon Marathon report and Christmas party reminder

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Only 4 weeks to go till PARTY TIME!!! Tickets are available for £15 each, you can get them at training sessions or from Hannah and Kate. Let us know if you want 1 or 2 or even more. Payments can be made by bank transfer to the club or cash. Tickets will be given once payment has been received. Don't forget about the Bake Off so get your recipe books and aprons out ready as these will be our desserts for the evening.

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This week's news, tips and race reports

Race report - Abingdon Marathon

by Ben Wakeling I entered this race assuming a marathon was a long way. After completing this race I can confirm, it is a long way!

This is a great race; it is flat, it is local, the roads are familiar, the marshalling is good, the support was great and you won’t get caught out by the annual disruption to the Abingdon traffic system, because you’re causing it.

The race starts and finishes at the familiar Tilsley Park track. I believe this race is known for being one of the flattest courses in the UK. The closest thing to ‘a hill’ is the rise in the road as you turn left out of Tilsley park, right at the start. The only other gradient change was running through the under pass in town on the way to the finish.

Due to is flat nature, you get a fair few runners turn up. These people are like triathletes but special for their own reasons; it put a smile on my face to hear comments like “yer, this is my second marathon distance this week”. Don’t be fooled, this brings out the full range of the runner community, those who are just fast (going for age grouper times), but also those bonkers enough to just run, steady, and keep going, and do the same thing the next day…

Most of the distance of the Abingdon marathon is not in Abingdon, but you did get to run through the centre of town twice. The body of the run is a Drayton, Milton, Sutton Courtenay loop which you run twice, with a fair portion of the course on pavements, cycle paths, closed and open roads. Traffic was never an issue, with the marshals deserving the credit.

For me, marathon pace meant talking pace, in a hope to start slow enough to be able to still be going at the end. The initial goal after the start was to keep checking I could talk at the rate I was running. Now you can either talk to yourself, or... find someone else thinking the same thing. I owe a lot to Rosie Waterman; she was wearing a Anglia Tri top and so a conversation started, and a steady pace was kept. She kept me company for the majority or the race, and she didn’t let me slow the pace too much at the 18 to 20 mile ‘are we nearly there yet’ point.

The route is not exciting, but round each familiar corner a face you know could be hiding. Whether it was a club member, current or former, people from work, or just a face you know from park run, friendly faces where all around the course. The huge support from the AVTC aid station helped on both laps, thanks guys. And Paul’s presence at the Didcot parkrun station gave another boost.

A marathon does what is says on the label, it involves running a long way. The 5 hour cut off will mean Abingdon is not right for all. Places are limited, so you need to register pretty much as soon as entry opens. But for those of you who like silly challenges or running, Abingdon marathon is a great local event, with friendly people, watching, supporting, marshalling and running.

(And yes, I did get beaten by a lady pushing a double pram, but she was awesome!)

Christmas party

Friday 1st December, 7.30pm, Steventon Village Hall (OX13 6RR)

  • There will be sparkly stuff... lots of it in fact

  • There will be Tacos catering for all your dietary needs supplied by http://www.californiataco.co.uk/

  • Your first drink is on us, but the bar is CASH ONLY

  • There will be a DJ (so be prepared to get your bounce on)

  • There will be a bake off - bring desserts ready to share with your fellow club members and be voted AVTC Master Baker 2017

  • There will be the 2017 AVTC Club Awards - including Coaches awards and the Member's Member award.

  • Tickets are £15 and are now available from Santa's little helpers (Hannah and Kate) plus we will also make sure you can buy them at training sessions - we accept cold hard cash or bank transfer

  • Feel free to bring a friend/partner

  • And of course, our junior members and past members are also welcome

This week's training

Monday - 19.00 - Run Social - Tilsley Park

Please meet at reception.

**new shorter routes are available for those people who want to run for less than 5km, so if you're wanting to get back into running after a break, come along!**

Whilst this is not a coached session, it will help develop your running endurance - we take a 10km (ish) route around Abingdon (shorter routes are available, 5km and 7km) and run in ability groups. No-one will be left behind and there is ALWAYS someone to run with. A great way to keep your running up AND have a mini social at the same time. Win Win!

Tuesday - 19:00 - 20:00 - Run Intervals - Milton Park Stores, Park House, 11F Park Drive, Milton, OX14 4RS

Coach: Phil

General Conditioning. Bring along a drink and dress appropriately for the weather

Intervals are a very effective way of improving your run speed, this is a fun session using areas of the park. The session is suitable for all abilities.

Thursday - 19:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00hrs - Pool Swim - Abingdon White Horse Leisure Centre, OX14 3PJ

Coaches: Wendy (19.00), Matt and George (20.00)

£3 payable to coaching staff on poolside, do not pay at reception. Please come along to either the session at 7pm or 8pm, whichever suits you better for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique.If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc.and a drink.

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