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Welcome to this weeks newsletter!

The social committee would like to say a big thank you to all those who attended the Christmas party and Awards night. A huge WELL DONE to our worthy winners (see list below). Feedback of the night would be greatly received whether its positive or negative, please email either Hannah or Kate. Also Well Done to Nick Bentley who won the Christmas Bake Off.​

The Committee meet regularly to discuss ways in which we can provide an even better membership for club members; if you have any suggestions, comments, concerns or words of praise then please let us know at the email address below!

If you would like to make some contributions to the letter, then please feel free to send any content you would like adding, or suggestions for future editions to and we will include it in the next update.

The Committee

This week's news, tips and race reports

2017 Club Award Winners

Swim performance - Erika Henson

Bike performance - Darren Drysdale

Run performance - Hannah Snook

Race performance - Eleanor Simpson

Most Improved - Kevin Sharp

Triathlete of the Year - Darren Wheeler

Club Champs - Men's - Mark Sealy, Ladies - Tamsin Evans

Sicknote - Everton Harris and his dog!

Ginge Award for swimming in the face of adversity - Lorraine Keelan

Members Member - Ben Wakeling and Kate Williams (a tie!)

Bring a friend for free Got a friend who just needs a little nudge to come along to training? Heard someone talking about entering a triathlon but you know they could do with some training buddies? Bring them along to any of our sessions to try. We're more than happy for people to come along and try a couple of sessions before they decide to join, so forward this email onto them and let's encourage more people into the world of triathlon:)

Strava Club

Did you know we have a club group on Strava? By joining the group, you enter the leaderboard as to who is completed what hours of training that week - don't worry, your privacy settings will determine what everyone can see, but the Strava group totals are uploaded to our website so people can see how much we are all training. Check it out! But don't be fooled though, the person with the most training hours doesn't necessarily equate to the person who wins everything...!

This week's training

Monday - 19.00 - Run Social - Tilsley Park

Please meet at reception.

**new shorter routes are available for those people who want to run for less than 5km, so if you're wanting to get back into running after a break, come along!**

Whilst this is not a coached session, it will help develop your running endurance - we take a 10km (ish) route around Abingdon (shorter routes are available, 5km and 7km) and run in ability groups. No-one will be left behind and there is ALWAYS someone to run with. A great way to keep your running up AND have a mini social at the same time. Win Win!

Tuesday - 19:00-20:00 - Run Intervals - Milton Park Stores, OX14 4RS Coach: Sorrel

Intervals are a very effective way of improving your run speed, this is a fun session using areas of the park for a run session that is suitable for all abilities. Bring along a drink and dress appropriately for the weather.

Thursday - 19:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00hrs - Pool Swim - Abingdon White Horse Leisure Centre, OX14 3PJ

Coach: Phil

This week's focus - Hip, back and shoulder flexibility. £3 payable to coaching staff on poolside, do not pay at reception. Please come along to either the session at 7pm or 8pm, whichever suits you better for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique. If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc. and a drink.

> See full training schedule on the AVTC website

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