Transition and open-water training

Message form Head coach Ben

We have two additional coached session over the next eight days...

Firstly transition training on Saturday 12th May 9am (90 mins) at Milton Park stores. If you have regularly attended club swim sessions over the last 6 months, there is probably someone in your lane (or the one above) who is always that little bit faster than you. Although you have attended session after session, done length after length, the 10 seconds you have improved through hard work and hours of dedication have been matched by the other person. Now if you had a away of improving your race time by 20 seconds for 2.5 hours work, that's 2/3 off a length, would you take it? One coached session and practise time will save you that in transition. The session planned is designed to get you to think it through, organise your approach and pick up tips. Even the experienced triathlete faultier in transition. it is not because it is super complicated, its generally because they haven't practised it.

Secondly open water swim, Monday 14th May (next Monday) 18:30. Pools have black lines to follow on the floor, edges to hold on to and are nearly always warm. Open water has freedom, views and wetsuits that makes your swim easier. The idea of your first trip to the lake can be understandably dauting, all of us have had those thoughts. The truth is with someone there to help, the first dip is normally quickly followed by the second, it is good fun. The session will be focused on the new and less confident members in the water. It will cover getting ready, getting in, acclimatising and practising some of the open water skills we did in the pool. A wetsuit is advisable, there is an option to hire one if you don't have your own. (talk to one of the coaches at this weeks sessions)

This week's training

Monday - 7pm - Run Social - Tilsley Park

Please meet at reception.

Whilst this is not a coached session, it will help develop your running endurance - we take a 10km (ish) route around Abingdon (shorter routes are available, 5km and 7km) and run in ability groups. No-one will be left behind and there is ALWAYS someone to run with. A great way to keep your running up AND have a mini social at the same time. Win Win!

Tuesday - Brick Training (Run/Bike/Run) - 7pm - Dalton Barracks, Shippon, Abingdon, OX13 6JQ

Coach: Ben

These are great sessions to prepare for a triathlon, working on fitness, transitions and practising switching between disciplines without a break. The sessions are timed so you can gauge improvement through the summer. It starts with a run around the top part of the airfield, either a 3km or 5km loop, before you enter transition. You then switch kit and exit transition to bike around the southern 2/3 of the loop, 3.3km loops, typically completing 3 or 6 loops (10km or 20km), then re-entering transition, to change back for a run straight off the bike. For the session you need your run kit, and all your bike kit. Ideally a tri suit or shorts, or a combo of clothing you can switch without needing a changing room.

Thursday - Pool Swim -6:50-8:00pm and 7:50-9:00pm - White Horse Leisure Centre, Abingdon

Coaches: Matt and George

£3 payable to coaching staff on poolside, do not pay at reception. Please come along to either the session at 6.50pm or 7.50pm, whichever suits you better for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique. If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc. and a drink. Also t-shirt and shorts for dry warm up by the side of the pool.

Saturday - 9am - Transition Training- Milton park stores

Coach: Sorrel

Please bring with you everything YOU would expect to take into transition for a race, including a pair a trainers, goggles and swim hat. This is the time to ask you coach any questions you might have and practise amongst friends, so on race day you know you can do it.

> See full training schedule on the AVTC website

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