Triathlon race day kit list by Sorrel

28 Aug 2018

[Posted to Facebook in May]

Following on from the transition skills training, here is the race day kit list to use as a base for preparing your own:

Wear to race:
❏    Tri-suit
❏    Warm clothes        
❏    Watch        


Put on just before race:
❏    Swimming hat            
❏    Swimming goggles    
❏    Flip-flops                
❏    Wetsuit        

Put in transition:


❏    Bike (with race number on)
❏    Bike computer (on bike)
❏    Water bottle(s) (on bike)
❏    Saddle bag (on bike) with tube, levers, tools, CO2
❏    Cycling shoes    
❏    Socks (with talc in)             
❏    Cycling helmet (with race number on)
❏    Bright towel
❏    Race belt (with number on)
❏    Gels/transition snacks/electrolyte tablets
❏    Sunglasses
❏    Trainers
❏    Sweatband/visor/hat/extra layers
❏    Tissues
❏    Box/bag to keep kit dry




❏    Pump
❏    Safety pins
❏    Race day information
❏    ID
❏    Spare goggles
❏    Talcum powder
❏    Bodyglide
❏    Suncream
❏    Antifog spray
❏    Pre/post-race clothes and towel
❏    Pre/post-race snacks/drinks
❏    Medication

❏    Hairbands

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