12 reasons to join the Abingdon and Vale Triathlon Club

1. Be part of a team

You don’t have to do team sports to be part of a team. At Abingdon and Vale Triathlon Club (AVTC) we are a team of triathletes of all levels (novices to world champ competitors, super-sprinters to ironmen/women, plodders to ultra-marathoners) but together we are proud to be Team AVTC!

2. Get great coaching

At AVTC we have a wealth of top coaches who create at least two sessions each week (1 swim and at least 1 bike/run/fitness) where they share their expertise and provide structured sessions to help improve your abilities to perform to your optimal standard.

3. Keep motivated (especially over winter)

One of the hardest parts of solo sports is staying motivated, especially out of season. But with AVTC you get training sessions all year to help your training stay on track and your motivation levels high, so when the spring comes you are in tip top shape for your next event.

4. Find training partners

As well as finding people to push you that bit harder, the club is also a great place to meet people to train with. Social runs, rides and swims take place throughout the year and if you’re looking for a training partner there’s always someone on the club Facebook group ready to join you.

5. Friendly competition/camaraderie

What better way to get motivated than to have some friendly competition. At the club you are guaranteed to find people of a similar standard to you to give you that extra push for a sprint finish when you know they are right on your tail!

6. Socials

What could be more important for motivation than having time to talk about triathlons with other triathlon-mad people?! Socials are great for that and with plenty throughout the year, as well as a Christmas and awards party, there’s always time to share your race and training triumphs and mishaps.

7. Your own cheer-leading squad – and photographers

Have you ever crossed the line and noticed the person behind you got a much bigger cheer? Chances are they’re part of a tri club and have bought along their squad of cheerleaders or ‘spectathletes’ as we like to call them. At all local events (and sometimes those further afield) you are guaranteed to be joined by others from the club, proudly sporting their club colours and there to cheer you on and take your pic.

8. Race reports and advice

One of the greatest resources in being part of a club is having club mates and coaches to ask advice from. Whether it’s how to do your first tri, transition tips, stepping up a distance, toilet issues in an ironman or kit advice, there is plenty of help available. Lots of our club members also now write race reports so if you are thinking of doing the same event next year you’ve already got an insider’s guide.

9. Confidence boost

Being part of a club gives you a massive confidence boost as you get congratulations and encouragement all the time from team mates. It’s a lovely feeling after completing an event to share you finish-line medal-wearing pic with the group on Facebook and get a monsoon of praise. Or when your race didn’t go as planned (perhaps you put your wetsuit on backwards, or forgot to wear your timing chip, or simply got a puncture or picked up an injury) there are people there to commiserate with you who understand your pain and will pick you up and help you look forward not back.

10. Discounts

It’s a small bonus but worth mentioning – as part of a club we often get discounts to local races as well as on sports equipment and specialist external training sessions.

11. Get the look

Look your best and feel proud to be part of the club as you show off your club colours in our snazzy race day and training kit.

12. Be part of a team

It’s so important it’s worth saying twice – join the club to be part of our team, you won’t regret it!

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