A First-Tri During A Pandemic

My First Triathlon! (Under rather different circumstances than expected)

So today I should have been doing my first ever triathlon, albeit a pool swim with Lucy. For obvious reasons that couldn’t happen......

I woke up at about 3 am and the thought of Oldbury White Horse Sprint Triathlon in Calne pinged into my head. Damn COVID-19!!!! Anyway when I next looked at my watch it was 7:03 and again my first thought was the triathlon. My second thought was, ‘so what’s stopping you doing it anyway.’ There’s the sea, I’ve got a bike and can run. Together with no stopping that’s still one exercise right?

While shovelling porridge down my neck while I prepared my ‘transition box’ I decided to get it done.

I’m so glad getting into a wetsuit unaided isn’t a part of either transition (I’ve never managed to get it on fully on my own before) off I went for my swim... in the choppy water known as Cawsand Bay. Swimming, and making sure I’d done the distance, meant I had to put in my contact lenses for the first time in 6 weeks. After the swim the hardest part wasn’t getting my wetsuit off, it was putting my cycling gloves on with cold wet hands. Although I did manage to get a photo, not sure that’s allowed in a ‘real’ triathlon.

Off for my ride. One route I’ve done recently was just under 20k so I had to extend it slightly and hope that I’d worked out the distance correctly. I couldn’t come up short. I would never live that down would I Lucy? I felt pretty good despite having just got out the sea. It was cold and got colder as it decided to rain. Up and down the hills of the Rame peninsula was pretty good. Even managed a cheery hello to everyone I passed and 11 achievements on Strava. Back home for T2. That was quite smooth, my now ripped gloves came off very easy, even managed another photo.

The run... wobbly legs to start, pins and needles in my feet, is that because they are so cold? Off I went. Anyone who knows the area knows it’s hills hills and more hills. I always walk / run this route and today was no different. There was one point where I did think ‘I could just stop now’ quickly followed with ‘not far to go’. More hellos, chased by a dog and beautiful scenery makes it all worthwhile.

I finished in 1:56:55 and I’m really pleased I did it. Not how I envisaged my first triathlon, no medal, no cheer team, but it’s done and I’m proud.

Thanks to everyone at Abingdon and Vale Triathlon Club for all your support. Can’t wait to get back to it.

Now for second breakfast... I’ll tell you more about that another time!

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