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Committee Roles

The Commitee

The AVTC Committee is selected at each year's AGM, typically at the end of each season. Below are the details of the current committee members. If you have any queries or to get in touch, visit the contact us section.


Ted Brooke

I got into triathlon in 2016 after watching a friend do the London Marathon – I was inspired to start running and that night entered a 10k race. It didn’t take long for this to grow in to doing 3 sports instead of 1 and I’ve now finished plenty of running, cycling, duathlon and triathlon events, with my personal highlight being the Alpe d-Huez triathlon, which was equally gruelling and amazing.


As I now have a young family and my time is limited, I don’t take my training as seriously as I used to and so I focus on doing things I enjoy and having fun, rather than being too focussed on getting faster. AVTC is perfect for this, as it does have some amazingly fast athletes, but also has a great social and fun side too.


Being on the committee is a great way of helping out the club and meeting new people - I was previously on the committee for 3 years in the social role, and now I’m happy to be back, this time as Chair.


Favourite Biscuit: Chocolate chip shortbread

Lorraine Wilson
Welfare and Website
I've always been 'sporty' having trained as a PE Teacher (sshhhh don't tell the coaches) but never really been a runner, always liked cycling but never for anything more than for the Cornwall view and always loved swimming but never front crawl.  However many years ago, 2010 I swam 2.5 miles across Plymouth Sound to my village in Cornwall, followed by Palace to Palace bike ride in 2012, I always thought that a half marathon sometime would mean I would have done a Triathlon.....

Getting hooked on parkrun in 2017, I entered Plymouth Half Marathon in 2019 and having completed my 'triathlon' it was now time to do it for real. 

I set my plan.....First was to learn to swim front crawl, then join AVTC Triathlon Club, finally complete a triathlon.  My first Tri was booked for May 2020 (we all know what happened then) however on the morning of my Triathlon I got up and did it myself at home.  Boris said you could do one exercise and if I was an Olympic Triathlete I would only receive one medal, so there it was, my first Triathlon completed!!  I've done a few since, some pool based, lake based and finally a lovely Cornish sea based Tri this summer at home.

I complete, not compete, I train to enjoy and keep fit(ish), I'm in competition with myself and I love the companionship and friendliness of AVTC

Favourite Biscuit: Border Dark Chocolate Ginger


Jess Budd
I joined AVTC in 2021 after moving to the area and having previously done sprint triathlons! I found the club super friendly and inclusive.

Like my role in the committee, I enjoy the social aspect of the sport - seeing friends in training, supporting on races and having a good natter on a bike ride! 

I particularly enjoy swimming and you’ll see my down at the lake in the summer months! I have done sprint triathlons before but would love to work up to doing an Olympic this year.

I’ve enjoyed joining the committee this year as it’s a really good way to get to know others and feel involved in the club.

Favourite biscuit: Any covered in chocolate!


Ellie Simpson

Greetings fellow triathletes! I'm Ellie, one of your social media and social secretary's with a history in AVTC that goes back to 2014. While I'd dipped my toes into the world of triathlons before joining the club, it was here that my passion for the sport truly took off.
I've always been a swimmer, but over the years, I've gained confidence running and on my bike – not the speediest, but hey, it's about the journey, right? Being on committee I want to help others embrace their triathlon prowess and build that confidence. Sure, I might not be breaking any speed records, but catch me at the finish line for a post-race pint, ready to celebrate the triumphs of our incredible club! 

Favourite biscuit: Chocolate Chip Belvita biscuits!

Sam Patterson


I'm someone whose wild pipe-dream of a football career was left in tatters by an unnervingly fragile, tendon-lacking, and anxiety-inducing left knee.


But while the left knee failed me from a team sport’s perspective, running was (and is) a saving grace. It's a great solo sport, which you control (no one's there take you out with an ill-timed and ill-judged, knee-high two footed lunge.. intentionally anyway). 


Today, I live and breathe running. But running - just running - lone running that is - does have its limitations, socially and emotionally.


I needed a springboard to more solo sports. AVTC has given me that. Now I run, swim, condition, and spin too - all within the warm, social embrace of AVTC.


And while I’ve run parkruns, marathons, half-marathons galore, AVTC has inspired me to push the boat out and sign up to my first Triathlon within only several months of joining…


… and so maybe a decathlon will follow; maybe not.


Favourite Biscuit: Lotus Biscoff 


Elisha Fiddaman 
PR, Social Media and Head Coach
I joined AVTC in April 2018, 6 months after quitting smoking. My (particularly athletic) younger brother bet me that after 12 years of smoking and avoiding cardio there was no way I could complete a triathlon.

I have been a casual swimmer all my life and even competed in some races as a teenager, where I was forced to do backstroke as I couldn’t dive and didn’t like putting my face in the water. I had never owned or ridden a road bike and hadn’t so much as run for a bus since about the age of 12.

I joined the club to learn more about the sport and help me work out how I was supposed to put three sports together when I’d never even been good at one. I was instantly taken in by the energy of the club and how friendly and inclusive it was. Nobody cared that I wasn’t ‘sporty’ and that I couldn’t run very far or very fast, they just seemed genuinely happy to have me there and I had so much fun.

I completed my first pool-based sprint distance triathlon in September 2018. In 2019, I moved to the open water… Then I brought a road bike… Then I extended the distance of my races… Then I entered some running races… And then I was asked if I’d like to become a coach.

I completed my Level 1 BTF qualification in November 2019 and I plan to continue to higher level qualifications in the near future.
My brother was wrong and it turns out, I’m pretty ‘sporty’ after all.

Favourite biscuit: Big fan of a plain digestive or a shortbread… But I don’t discriminate, all biscuits deserve to be eaten.


Danny Simpson
Social Media

I joined the club in 2014 with my daughter after we both “had a go” at triathlon. I did my first race in 2007 after giving up football trying not to spend all my spare time on the sofa.

I really enjoy training and racing with like minded people.

I was born with a bit of a dogs dinner of a left leg and got classified as a para triathlete in 2017 and have enjoyed racing with members of the team GB squad.

In 2021 I did my first half Ironman distance triathlon and surprised myself be smiling for most of it.

I’m the man you need to talk to if you’d like some kit.

Favourite Biscuit: Fig rolls


Ben Knott

I was talked into doing my first triathlon at Blenheim in 2018. I had about a month to train for it, did breaststroke in an old windsurfing wetsuit and the bike leg on an even older mountain bike.

But I got a massive buzz from the variety and challenge, joined AVTC the week after, and then the Committee (for the first time) about a month after that where I looked after our social media for a few years.

I’ll never be the fastest at anything, and can probably still just about count on one hand the number of triathlons I’ve actually done. But I love all the training sessions, group rides, parkrun trips and summer evenings at the lake with a great group of friends. And of course our fantastic coaches who are as happy coaching beginners as they are coaching our GB age group athletes.

I’m delighted to take on the Charity role this year to hopefully help raise lots of money for Air Ambulances UK and organise some fun events over the year.

Favourite Biscuit: Any biscuit is a good biscuit, but stroopwafels are a very strong choice


Stewart Haveron

I joined AVTC around Christmas 2020 as a new “project”, following retirement.  

I’ve always been interested in (my own) health and fitness and always thought (until I joined the Club) thought that I could swim, bike and run.

Since joining I have taken part in various sprint and standard distance triathlons, plus other “odd” events. I’m a “completer”, rather than a “competer” but I do aim to complete a Half Ironman this season.

I have been on the Committee for about three years and helped with Membership for two-three years.

Favourite Biscuit: I love all biscuits (and cake)

Rhianna Baker


As a ‘lockdown runner’ I completed the London Marathon in 2021. It was an awesome day but I won’t be doing another any time soon! 


I joined AVTC in 2022 after doing a few social wild swims with friends and wanting to get back in the water more regularly. I hadn’t swum since I was a child so AVTC offered a great introduction and development back into the sport. My first session, I could barely finish two lengths without tiring and putting my feet down, now I can semi-comfortably swim for the full hour session. 


A year later, I purchased my first road bike, turning up clueless to the run-bike-run session, everyone was really friendly and patient as I Zig-Zagged across the path trying not to fall off! 


Now I have swim, bike, run under my belt, I really have no excuse not to do a race. 

March 2024 will be my first triathlon, after joining as a ‘social swimmer to keep fit’. 


Favourite Biscuit: Custard Cream

Joe Shreeves

Venues & Newsletter

In 2013 I took up triathlon as a hobby whilst at university to keep fit, and as a way to compete with my older brother ala the Brownlees.  

I joined AVTC at the end of 2021 after moving to Abingdon and with their help through training was able to complete my first Ironman after one year in the club.

The impressive organisation and friendliness of everyone in the club motivated me to join the committee and help support its running.

Favourite Biscuit: Fox’s Double Chocolate Cookie

Previous club chairs

2022-2023 - Nick Bentley

2021-2022 - Emily Subden

2019-2021 - Tamsin Evans

2018-2019 - Mark Sealy

2017-2018 - Paul Sherman

2016-2017 - Elly Crockford

2015-2016 - Richard Monk

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