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Join us for coach-led training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Every Thursday (all year)

£4 paid in advance via the online booking system (shared each week in the club newsletter). Please come along 7-8pm or 8-9pm at the White Horse Leisure Centre in Abingdon for a structured swim session that will improve your fitness and technique. If you have them bring along your fins, hand paddles etc. and a drink.

Spin sessions

Rotating Tuesdays (winter only)

These sessions are held in-person using the spin bikes at Tilsley Park. You'll need a drink and a towel and bike shoes with mountain bike cleats if you have them, trainers if not.

Always a fun activity, with real-life routes incorporated into the session. A mix of hills, sprints and sweat is guaranteed!


Track running

Select Mondays (all year)

Track sessions are great for focusing on speed and technique. They are suitable for all abilities and are held every 3 weeks on a Monday evening at Tilsley Park - check the newsletter to find out when the next one is.

Strength and conditioning

Rotating Tuesdays (winter only)

This is a fun and challenging session, open to all levels of ability and fitness. Circuits is as hard as you push yourself but with motivation from others and the coach. It will consist of strength, cardio and functional exercises that will complement our 3 sports. S&C is held at the Dalton Barracks community centre. Bring a drink, a yoga mat and resistance bands (if you have them) and be prepared for some tough fun.


Run intervals

Rotating Tuesdays (Winter only)

Intervals are a very effective way of improving your run speed and technique. This is a fun session held at either the leisure centre, Dalton barracks, or Milton Park (see weekly newsletter for details) and is suitable for all abilities. Bring along a drink and dress appropriately for the weather.

Bike sessions/Run-bike-run

Tuesdays (summer only)

A chance for you to ride at Dalton Barracks traffic-free airfield. Each session is a mix of skills and time trials so you can see progression throughout the season. Bring suitable clothing and a drink - the airfield is open to the elements and there are no facilities.

> Dalton barrack's additional info


Monday run club

Mondays (Winter only)

Monday running club is a great chance to develop your endurance and set your own weekly targets. Join us at Tilsley Park for a group warm-up then, if pace-matching allows, run together on the 10k or 5k route. Sometimes you may have to run on your own, but there will always be someone to cool down with you at the end. Whilst this is a non-coached session, lots of members say it helps them to keep-up their running and improves their stamina and speed.


​Here is the summer schedule. Please note, you must sign up for all sessions (with the exception of Monday run club). Sign-up links are shared in the club newsletter each fortnight.

All swim sessions are held at the White Horse Leisure Centre, track sessions are at Tilsley track, run intervals are at Milton Park Stores, S&C is at Dalton Barracks Community Centre, and run-bike-run sessions are at Dalton Barracks. 


4: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

9: 7pm – Spin

11: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

16: 7pm – S & C

18: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

22: 7pm – Track session

23: 7pm – Spin

25: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

30: 7pm - Run intervals


1: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

6: 7pm – Spin

8: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

13: 7pm - Run intervals

15: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

20: 7pm – Spin

22: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

26: 7pm – Track session

27: 7pm – S & C

29: 7pm and 8pm – Swim


5: 7pm - Run intervals

7: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

12: 7pm – Spin

14: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

18: 7pm – Track session

19: 7pm – S & C

21: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

26: 7pm – Spin

28: 7pm and 8pm – Swim

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